Let us change the climate with our waste burning incinerator! #BAD09

Chimney SmokeYes… the simple way to change the climate – build an incinerator! In fact build lots of them!

  • Incineration involves the release of high levels of CO2, the main climate warming gas.
  • Incineration creates toxic emissions and hazardous ash which are potentially harmful.
  • Reduce the incentive to recycle and re-use waste material – just burn it instead!
  • Demoralise those who want to live greener healthier lifestyles – ignore public opposition.
  • Ignore the alternatives to waste incinerators; Autoclaving, Sorting Residual Waste, Mechanical Biological Treatment – MBT, Anaerobic Digestion – AD, etc, etc,.

And there you have it… Climate Changed and we can all choke within a generation!

Posted for Blog Action Day 2009.

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  1. The Discussion seems to me a waste of time and effort, I was at the original debate at Hull City Hall chaired by John Fareham, It would appear from that meeting that one point raised was that certain Councils had lumbered us with thousands of pounds worth of debt should the waste plant not go ahead.


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