Have you an idea for a Crime Reduction project?

RESIDENT GROUPS, community and voluntary groups in the area are invited to submit bids to the Police and Crime Commissioner’s (PCC) Crime Reduction Fund.

burglar publicity image-001Over £1.5m of funding is available over the next four years for community projects that aid crime reduction or aim to protect the public and improve public safety. Applications can be for capital and revenue projects, with the focus being on smaller projects that can make a big difference.

Supported activities could include the cost of specific targeted crime reduction and community safety initiatives, capacity building (training or skills building to provide a new service perhaps), raising awareness, research together with capital projects such as buying equipment and materials.

The Crime Reduction Fund is primarily targeted at community groups but is open to any organisation that can make a difference in helping to keep communities safe. Applications are welcome from voluntary and community groups, business and other local agencies.

Full details of how the Commissioner’s Crime Reduction Fund will work, with details of how groups can apply to be considered for funding, can be found on PCC Matthew Grove’s website. We also explain more about the fund on HU12 Online.

Visit: Humberside PCC – Crime Reduction Fund

If you have an idea for the Crime Reduction Fund and want to share it, perhaps to seek support or find partner organisations that might be able to make a project happen, or just to find out if others like your idea – then leave a comment about it below. Your idea might be one of those eventually funded! – Hedon Blog

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  1. Here’s an idea to kick off what hopefully will be an ‘ideas bank’ of possible projects to discuss and consider!

    Target Hardening and Awareness Project (need to work on a more catchy name!) – In simple terms to advise on making your home, shed, garage, etc more secure. Making it ‘harder’ for a criminal to target your property.

    The project would advise residents (particularly those more vulnerable) on making their home and property more ‘burglar and robber proof’ by raising awareness of risk and suggesting crime prevention solutions.

    Project would:

    1. Offer free advice
    2. Provide ‘at cost’ crime prevention equipment and fittings e.g. simple alarms, door spyholes, door chains and catches, etc;
    3. Provide a fitting service for this basic equipment through a handyperson or volunteers;
    4. Produce a local DVD, printed and online information on target-hardening that can raise the whole level of awareness on the issue.

    Do this by:

    1. Offering initial and refresher training to (police vetted) volunteers so that they can provide the advice.
    2. Use (police vetted) volunteers or handyperson to fit the equipment for a fee (to raise income for ongoing support of the project)
    3. Purchase equipment through bulk-buying to reduce cost to residents

    An organisation would need to administer the volunteers, arrange appointments, organise training, buy stock, and otherwise manage the project and its accounts – this might be an existing organisation in the area!? But there are opportunities for other community, voluntary and business organisations to offer advice and expertise – as well as the police of course.

    Other funding could be applied for in addition to the Crime Reduction Fund.

    The aim would be to get local communities feeling safer and more aware and knowledgeable about crime prevention – and homes and properties that are more secure!

    So… what do people think? Is it worth investing a bit more time in developing this idea? Could you help? Could you be one of the volunteers perhaps? Or a Committee Member to run the project?


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