Hedon’s dream-achieving Katy!

Katy MillerIT’S not very often that you speak to someone so young who has already achieved more than one of her key dreams in life – but Katy Miller is one of those people. At 22 years of age, Hedon girl Katy has written and published her first book, and is also working as a volunteer in a place she loves, a Museum: Both ambitions she set out to achieve!

Flight Perfection - Book by Katy MillerKaty started writing her first debut novel Flight: Perfection when she was only 14 but she knew before her teens that she wanted to be a writer. She finished the book in the summer of 2013 and by Christmas that year, it had been published. The book is still on sale and as well as being available via Waterstones bookstores and Amazon, it can also be bought at Occasions gifts and cards shop in Hedon Market Place.

Flight: Perfection is a good read with shades of the supernatural that lovers of Twilight and that genre of teen fiction will love. But it’s a book that will appeal to all age groups and all those with an interest in fantasy. The Hedon Blog previewed the book last year and a review will follow when time allows, but it will be a positive recommendation to people to buy a copy.

But part of the reason of meeting Katy recently was to talk about the Hedon Museum – and, in particular, this year’s season of exhibitions at the upstairs showroom. Katy is delighted to be working at Hedon Museum – another one of her ambitions – and as its Press Officer is able to use her love of the written word to extol the virtues of the place. Speaking with relish and enthusiasm about the upcoming exhibitions, it’s easy to see that Katy herself enjoys many of the art forms and crafts that are the subjects of the displays this season; particularly photography, painting, and sewing. 

The first half of the season is craft and historical themed, with the second half an artists’ set. The world of infrared photography, stories in quilt and a look at the ‘Secret Army’ in East Yorkshire during World War II are just some of the fascinating exhibitions taking place.

We publish the exhibition schedules below and you can find out about each through Katy Miller’s Previews on the Hedon Blog.

… and of course, we wonder what’s next on Katy’s list of things to achieve!?

Hedon Museum opening times are every Wednesday and Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm.

FREE ADMISSION. Refreshments available.
Museum Exhibition 1
Museum Exhibition 2Museum Exhibition 3

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